Production of Plastic Details

Another important aspect of our company’s business is the production of plastic details through the method of injection under pressure.

The available injection machines have closing force of up to 200 tons. The range of materials we use is the following: polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyethylene (PEHD and PELD) and engineering materials such as polycarbonate (PC), ABS, polyamide (PA6, PA6GF, PBT, POM) ,etc. These materials give us the opportunity to produce many different plastic details with application in various industries such as the food industry, chemical industry, cosmetic industry, automobile industry, electrical industry, packaging industry, light industry, etc.

Our injection machines have parallel units for delivery of material, master batch dosing, transportation, separation and collection of finished products. In view of the injection forms that use canal spreading we have controllers for adjustment of heater temperatures.

The Process of Plastic Forming Under Pressure

In order to produce the respective plastic detail we should have the tool that allows forming under pressure, namely injection form where the material will appear.

Our company has a mechanical workshop where this type of tool can be developed. The designer team will develop the injection form according to the dimensions or drawing specifications and then the tool will be produced. The injection form will be installed in the machines that will be loaded with the desired plastic material – usually in the form of granules. The material will be heated to a certain temperature and through the auger of the machine it will be delivered under pressure in the installed injection form. Then the material will be cooled. It will become hard and the personnel will remove it from the matrix.

Plastic Products

A significant part of the production of plastic products is related to the food industry and there are also packages associated with the light industry. Most often these are caps, stoppers, covers, boxes, jars and other plastic units associated with packaging.

The injection forms that produce these products very often have many sockets and channel system for the reduction of waste material. This will bring reduction of the costs of produced goods.

During the recent years the technical details have even greater share in our production processes and usually these are components for the electrical and automobile industry. It is typical that in relation to these details we have high precision of manufacturing. This is required very often along with enhanced mechanical properties. From this perspective the combination of high-quality and precise development of injection forms, expert setting of machines and regular inspection of the quality of finished products will help the achievement of the specified characteristics. Therefore, we believe that we can be a reliable supplier for this particular type of plastic details.

Additional Services and Operations

In view of the production of plastic units we often need additional operations or services and our company can deliver these, namely:

Assembly (installation) of details when the product has more than one detail.

In order to do this we design and develop new units or adapt existing assembly lines, accessories and devices used for the assembly of individual components. We have also personnel that works on these operations.

Screen printing and pad printing.

We have two-color machines for automatic and semi-automatic pad printing and screen printing. This gives us opportunity to place images, logos or texts on flat and cylindrical surfaces of details.

Painting and metallization of details.

We have the potential to provide this type of covers – gold, silver or other coating on plastic details.

Pasting of components.

This is an automated process and the specialized pasting machine can join the individual plastic details or plastic details with other types of material.

Ultrasound welding.
Bending, cutting or another type of mechanical processing.

Quality Control

We have regular inspections of the quality of manufactured products. We inspect the integrity and dimensions of details. We check for any visible defects and control the color compliance in relation to the desired hue. If necessary we test the functionality of plastic products.

Packaging and Shipping

The finished products are packaged carefully in plastic bags or envelopes. Then they are placed in different boxes in terms of size and strength in order to guarantee the storage of goods and stability during transportation. We work with courier companies that provide fast and reliable service to any part of Bulgaria and the world.

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