Production of Metal Parts

During the recent years our production is even more involved with the manufacturing of metal parts.

This includes a broad range of parts, for example, lathe parts, cutter parts, parts obtained through CPU machine processing; parts with complex geometry; fine parts with grinding of surfaces; threading elements; spare components; parts associated with power-erosion processing; welding components; parts with high quality of surfaces and polished parts.

All types of metals – hard or soft metals, fine or other metals – all types of steel – open-hearth processing or stainless steel; we have a broad range of non-ferrous metals – dense or porous metals; these can be processed with extremely high precision.

The processing methods associated with details are strictly optimized and human interferences, if possible, are minimized. Therefore, we have minimum bending and deformation risks.

In view of the production process we adhere to all technological requirements and standards, so that we achieved the desired results – high quality of the products.

We produce single details with simple and complex geometry but we have also serial production of details with small, medium and large volumes.

We offer the potential to produce a broad range of parts as follows:

In our machine workshop the following operations can be performed:

We strictly adhere to all technical requirements associated with the produced elements. During and after the production process we monitor and control the basic parameters of the produced details – geometry and precision of realization and also the physical characteristics.

In order to provide high quality we rely on regular inspection of elements after each operation and detailed inspection after the production process in relation to all requirements associated with the specific detail.

In addition to the standard measurement methods related to the details realized by measurement devices we also use modern techniques such as 3-coordinate sensor measurement and visual measurement through an optical measurement machine.

In order to improve the physical and mechanical properties we use a broad range of thermal processes for the details: heat reduction, normalization, volumetric tempering, surface tempering, cementization, carbonation, ion-nitrogen processing, etc.

In relation to this we use also chemical and electro-chemical coating processes. These can be introduced for the metal parts, namely: oxidation, zinc coating, nickel coating, chrome coating, electro-chemical polishing, anodizing, use of titan and phosphates, etc.

Special attention should be directed toward the observation of terms regarding the received orders. The comfort and reliability for our clients from this perspective are very important, so that we guaranteed a long-term and trustworthy partnership.

The perfectionism related to the packaging of the produced metal parts will bring confidence regarding the parts we produce. We carefully order and package all details and we make no exceptions. This refers to big and small packages and large products arranged on pallets.

We work with several shipping companies who provide reliable transportation at good prices to all parts of Europe.

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