Injection Moulds and Blast Moulds

Our company has many years of experience in the fields of injection moulds and blast moulds production. Since the very beginning of our work this has been a main activity.

We continue to develop this activity also at present. The experience gathered by our experts in this field and the large number of developed moulds guarantee that we shall produce reliably this type of tools.

Injection Moulds

ITOM OOD designs and develops a broad range of injection moulds that are necessary as tools in various industries – from basic plastic products for the food industry, chemical and cosmetics industry to various technical details applicable in the electro-chemical industry, automobile production and other types of technical industries.

We can produce single tools and also multi-component projects (i.e. several tools at the same time).

The production stages include design of the product and the injection mould with one or several slots; fast development of the pilot mould (if necessary); fast realization of the final injection mould with small or large volume of production; preparation of spare units or interchangeable inserts; and testing of the completed tool.

The testing of the injection moulds can be realized at our workshop for production of plastic details.

After the client’s approval the tool will be finished and it can be delivered to the desired destination.

In our workshop for production of plastic details we have the potential to produce plastic details with small or large volumes, depending on the desired production pr

We do not compromise the quality of the developed injection moulds. We use high-quality steel for tool production, standardized elements and most importantly, we do not compromise in relation to the production complexity and precision regarding each component of the tools we develop. We observe all requirements in order to guarantee the long life of tools.

We provide warranty for the injection moulds we produce.

Here you can see some of the characteristics of injection moulds we produce:

Expansion moulds/blast moulds

Some of the other main products we develop are the blast moulds. Since the very beginning – when our company started its operation these tools became a part of our production program. Therefore, we believe we have rich experience in the development of the moulds.

The expansion method is used for the production of many plastic products in the market. Most often we have production of hollow products made of polyethylene – milk bottles, shampoo bottles, jars, watering pots, containers, hollow industrial parts; containers for hazardous cargo, etc.

We have a large number of developed blast moulds for bottles and containers with different volumes – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 litres.

A single unit can be produced in advance – an actual model of the product through the method of 3D printing and the client will be able to approve the prototype.

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