Other Tools

In addition to the injection forms and blast forms, our company produces also some other tools, for example, dies, rubber matrices, soap matrices, rice cakes matrices, accessories for installation and assembly of details; units for bending and cutting; tools for fixing and positioning; units for hermetic tests, measurement tools; welding systems, joints and components associated with various machines and many others.

Production of Dies

Punching is the process where metal materials are formed through a method called plastic deformation. This is a highly productive and preferred method in many fields of the industry where we have great significance in relation to the serial production of metal elements within short periods of time and with low costs.

This process allows fast production of units with high precision and perfect form. These units can than immediately go to the next production stage or start their operation life.

Units for Various Applications

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We have produced many and different units related to various applications in different fields of the industry. We have a team of designers who can design, construct and prepare the technological documents in relation to the client’s needs.

In relation to the application we may have basic use, fixing, measurements, cutting, bending, welding, pasting, assembly, orientation, sorting, hermetic tests, auxiliary units for mechanical processing, etc.

Other Non-Standard Equipment

You may inquire about a specific technological tool or non-standard equipment by contacting us through the contact information we provided in the respective web page.

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