ITOM OOD – Production of metal parts, tools and equipment.
Production of plastic details.

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The company ITOM OOD was established in 1999 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In the beginning the company was producing metal tools, where main share takes production of injection moulds (matrix tools which works by injection of melted plastic by pressure) and blow moulds (inflatable matrix with different volumes). This type of tool production requires a lot of experience, precision, high quality and professionalism. Our team apply these key features from the very beginning when the company was created. We also managed to build on this and develop the company further. The evidence for that is the expansion of the range of our tools and metal equipment soon after the company was established. We specialized also in other type of tools and devices like an units for pressing, punching, forming, cutting, bending, fixing, dies, moulds for rubber and other non-standard units.

During the recent years, the production of machine parts occupies an increasingly large share in our company. The volume of this production covers both- the machining of single parts and serial production of simple or complex geometry. We work with different materials – ferrous or non-ferrous metals, stainless steel or even non-metal materials such as plastics or wood. In view of the production process we observe all technological requirements and standards, so that the products we produced met the expectations of our clients.

Another important activity of the company is the production of plastic products. Only several years after the establishment of ITOM we bought injection machines and by this we finalized the cycle associated with the production of this type of products. Gradually upgrading our capabilities, experience and skills, as well as equipping our workshop for the production of plastic products. We work with a great variety of materials and masterbatches. The products we produce are used in many different sectors of the industry.

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Мetal parts


Injection moulds and blow moulds


Other tools


Production of plastic details

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The company ITOM OOD offers high-quality, professionalism, experience, flexibility and loyalty. This in combination with the competitive prices we offer makes us a great choice for a long-term partner.

High quality with no exception is our basic principle

Fast communication. Precision and professionalism in the execution of our orders.

The prices we offer are some of the most competitive in the field

Fast and regular delivery of products to any part of Bulgaria and Europe

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